Hi there !

I want to display an array with a WorkEntries list with a colum
containing all associated dataItems for each provisioning request
definition for the connected user.
Regarding the webservice API and if I'm not wrong, the only solution is
to call the getWorkEntries to get the WorkEntries and then call the
getWork by using the ID returned by the firt call.
For 10 lines in my array, I have to do 11 Webservices call, 1 get
WorkEntries and 10 getWork.

An other example : To display the process name from a WorkEntries list I
have to call the getProcess for each WorkEntry.

So my question is : Is it possible to factorize those web services calls
to only have one or two web services calls (a workEntries list and a
list of works for exemple).

I'm affraid about performance issues regarding this kind of array, can
you please guide me with correct way to do this.

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