IDM UA RBPM module, 4.0.1 Patch C

Can you have the same Portlet (Challenge/Response, in this case) be on
multiple pages without having to copy it?

Or is making a copy the only way to do that (I'm only familiar with IBM
WebSphere Portal which lets you put the same portlet on as many pages as
you want).

The main reason I wish to do this is that I have about a thousand users
who haven't answered their Challenge/Response (due to NAM/IDM
compatibility problems), so the only way I can workaround this is to
have NAM do an Auth class which redirects the user to a page with just
the challenge/response portlet on it.

(If I send them to the Password Management Page, they get the "change
password" as the default option and they get confused and then they call
us wanting to know why they have to change their password again)...

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