This is my scenario:

We are upgrading to Identiy Manager 4.0.2 Standard Edition.

Currently we are using the change password function of User Application
through this URL:


According to the documentation the new URL on User Application 4 is:


But this doesn't work. They don't get a "succesfully changed password"
message and the Change Password page reappears.

We don't have NAM. The version of User Application applied is the base
4.0.2 Standard Edition plus IDM Role Based Provisioninig Module Field
Patch C.

Curiously if I uninstall Field Pathc C it works OK. Also I have tried
with Field Patch A and B and with any of these it works OK.

Are "IDM Role Based Provisioninig Module Field Patch A/B/C" also for the
Standard Edition? Any idea of what is happening or it's better to open a

Many thanks,
Josep Lluis

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