My driver (SAP UM) based entitlements require 3 or 4 parameters.

LSNAME=systemName (can be static per driver)
CTYPE=non-cua (Literal per driver would be ok).

might need FROM or TO parameters but they are not mandatory.

How do I define an Entitlement, and then a Resource that specifies the
values I need? (I can assign a Role to the Resource once this is done).
Entitlement only seems to allow a single query for values.

I am doing this in IDM 4.01 User App.

I am trying to figure out the proper entries in
entitlementConfiguration, so the code map refresh will get the right
data, so when I go to create the resource, and assign the entitlement
that I can get all the parameters set, but am stuck on how to do
multiples here.