Trying to understand what will be the impact of starting over with a new
userapp database on a IDM v4.0.2 upgrade. There are 2 things that make
this not a simple upgrade to IDM v4.0.2

1) Would like to have the userapp database moved from MySQL (running
locally on the JBoss server) to a MS SQL cluster.
2) Do NOT have the password to access the MySQL database.

IDM v3.6.1
RBPM v3.0.7
- Over 500 Roles
- Over 500 Resources[/INDENT]
- Users are granted entitlements by being a member of a dynamic group.
- Small amount of branding
- About 10 workflows

All the existing servers will be replaced with new servers
Create a new empty database on the MS SQL cluster
Install JBoss on a new dedicated server for UserApp
Install UserApplication, but selecting MS SQL
Migrate the UserApplication driver and add packaging per the docs for
migrating to the Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2

Can I do a new userapp database install, but use the existing
UserApplication driver? Concern here is that if the UserApplication is
installed selecting a new database, is the installer expecting a new
UserApplication driver or can it use the existing driver.
I know I will losing any branding, portlets, history and any approvals
in pending state. What else am I not considering?

1) Change the MySQL password to gain access to the userapp database.
2) Migrate the MySQL database to the MS SQL cluster using a migration
tool, install User Application pointing it to the MS SQL cluster.
Concern is that if there is an issue, not knowing if the database
migration was not done properly (conversion setting). Plus this does
not seem to be supported by NetIQ.

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