I kinda stuck with a simple thing, i got a workflow that is called from
another Service and delivers me a simple CN.

During the Workflow i need to get the DN of that user, i defined a query
for the lookup, but somehow i'm not able to get this thing working in
the mapping table?

Is it not possible to call a IDVault.globalQuery from the Mapping table
to set a Value?

I tried it with:

"function debugQueryInFlowData() {
var tmp = IDVault.globalQuery("get-user-dn",
return tmp;

and with
"function debugQueryInFlowData() {
var tmp = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "get-user-dn",
return tmp;

The 2nd one works perfect on a form but not in the mapping part.

Any tips or help, would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards Andi

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