I'm sure this is in the docs, but I can't seem to find the right

So a new user logs into the IDM 4.0.1 UA and gets the "bar" that says:

Welcome firstname Identity Self-Service Work Dashboard
Logout Help

I know how to remove the navigation access for Identity Self Service,
but if you remove the Work Dashboard, you get errors. I'm assuming I'll
have to construct a page with JUST the workflow/form I'm creating in
Designer to accomplish that (to safely remove the work dashboard)?

The other item is we'd like to remove SOME of the items in the little
box where the user full name, picture and email address are (I don't
know the term for that window/box).


Remove the picture
Remove the "settings" item and rename the:
Make a process request (if possible)

Or is that a portlet, and we either get it all or not?

If all this is covered in the docs (again, I found the section on the
navigation permissions), posting the link would be fine as well, but I
couldn't seem to find it.


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