If I go into the Resource Catalog, select a Resource object, select the
Assignments tab and select Assign... then I am presented with a user
search/select dialog to pick the user(s) to whom I want to assign this
resource. This dialog allows me to search on either first name or last
name, and displays the first name and last name of any search results.
As a large organisation we sometimes have two or more users with the
same first name/last name combination and so it can be impossible to
determine whether the correct user is being selected. Is there any way
to customise this object selection dialog to include username (uniqueID)
in the search results or, even better, as a search parameter?

I have experimented with modifying the default 'User Lookup' DAL entity
and modifying the DAL Configuration (Default Team Management Attributes)
but without any success. I did also wonder whether it would be necessary
to modify one of the following portlets:
Lookup Parameter
Object Lookup
User and Group Selection

Has anyone else done this before, or have any idea of how to achieve


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