NetiIQ Identity Manager 4.0.2 AE / Windows Server 2008 64-bit R2


We have successfully implemented SSO (Active Directory) with user
application. Everything is working good.

End-users would be accessing some workflow based PRD (directly clicking
on a URL from a external portal).
*_Ref._Design_documentation_(_5.9_Providing_Direct _Access_to_a_Form)_*

We have two scenarios here for our end-users login Option.

a) SSO with Active Directory (users exist both in eDirectory and AD)
and users have their PCs member of the same AD.
b) Users with eDirectory username/password. ( user exist only in
eDirectory, users does not have their PC member of the same AD), they go
to a normal website (wihthout auth) and click the PRD links.

For Option (A) when user click PRD (direct urls) from the external
portal they can login in usrapp and access PRD without username/password
and SSO works perfectly fine.

For Option(B) when the user click on the PRD (direct url) from the
external portal, the user gets Windows Username/password annoying login
popup, if user types edir username & password its comes back again and
again, until users clicks on the "cancel" button on that popup window,
by doing this users comes to the Userapp which says something could not
login etc and has a hyper link which brings user to the UserApp Login.
After successfully authentication with userapp login screen, the users
comes finally to the PRD form.

So I was wondering, is there any option in the UserApp or any url
paramter for PRD that i can pass along with link to tell or flag the
Userapp to skip SSO for Option(B) type of users?, so that these users
come to normal userapp login page first and comes to the PRD aferwards?

the URL for accessing PRDs are as follow:



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