At this moment we have an implementation running with one
UserApplication that hosts only workflows. No self service features are
being used.
Due to some design decision we need an extra UserApp in the environment
for another set of workflows to grant some rights in connected systems.
These workflows must be separated from the other set of workflows.

I have found (older forum post) that it is supported to have two
UserApps that point to different scopes (o=scope1 and o=scope2)
preferably in two driversets with of course their own UA driver and Role
and Resource driver. Why is this different scope necessary? If you would
use self service i can imagine that it is unwanted to edit the same user
object at the same time, but this is not the case in our environment. We
just need the other userapp to set some entitlement.

So: Is it possible to have two UserApps that point to the same o=scope?
I can imagine that this is performance-wise not the best solution, but
will things actually break ? I mean: the RRSD is linked to the UA
driver... and the objects all have DN's with the unique driver name in

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