I have a DN pick list, out of which I set a variable "allValues"
When I trace that to screen I see a String representation that I like.

gives me
three CN's, followed by three display values.

If I trace them out thus:

I see appropriate results....

I trace this variable out before taking any action. Then, I take action
and issue the same trace afterward and see that the variable HAS been
updated and except for the new date value I have swapped in for an old
value, the variable trace for "allValues.toString())" looks identical.

When I then try to reset the form field's values using

form.setValues("expiringReports", allValues[0], allValues[1], false)

I see nothing. I can validate that the change to my values has not
actually been written, because I can iterate through the action again
and see that the initial settting of the "allValues" variable returns
with the original values.

When I use

form.setValues("expiringReports", allValues[0], allValues[1], true)
//i.e. to NOT replace old values.

I get DUPLICATE rows of the original data, rather than a re-write of the
new values into the field.

I have tried moving the form.setValues inside my loop, so that it
executes immediately after I trace the "correct" values to screen with
the debug msg... no go...

Any ideas why this won't update/set the field values as I'm expecting?