We have IDM 4.0.2 on windows. As per business, we developed a workflow -
Request for group access in IDM. So in the request form, we have a
search text (text) field, where user types in the group name. And we
have search button by html (given below). When the user clicks search
button, we have a dummy text box and will call the onchange event of
that box, so that it will execute the code written on onchange event.

This is working fine in IE 9, 10 and Mozilla also.

But the below HTML (search button) code does not work in IE 8.

It shows this html code/script on the request form.

Please help as IE 8 is the widely used browser in the organization and
no option of upgrading it.

Field - String - Html
The html content is:

(function(){return "<input type=\"button\" value=\"Search\"
onClick=\"var ctrl =
JUICE.UICtrlUtil.getControl('txtboxDummy');JUICE.W FASUtil.setupEventHandler(ctrl,JUICE.WFASEvent.EVE NT.ONCHANGE);
\">";}) ();


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