Hi All,

When we use the detail portlet for employees to be able to modify some
specific set of LDAP attribute values, it all works fine. This includes
localization of the field names. But when the user uses the "Send
Information" link, which will create a new email using the user outlook
client. This new email, contains the link to the identity info of the
user. But the Email Subject and Body are in Chinese for some reason,
while everything else is in English (because my browser is set to
English as well as my computer language). This is in the production
environment, when I reproduce the issue in the acceptance environment
the Email Subject and Body are in German, and again my browser and
operating system language is set to English.

I do not know why the email contains these different languages. I also
do not understand how it is supposed to determine the language for this
email, because everything else within the UserApp related to
localization is based on browser language.

I was hoping someone could explain, why the email language is in
Chinese/German? I also maybe fix the issue, when I know why this

Kind regards,
Teun Timmers

Kind regards,
Teun Timmers

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