Hello enlightened,

I could not find any information about what I'm going to ask. Does
anybody use the reporting module? :-)
I was trying to make the reports work in language other than English.
Beside fact, that when for instance german locale was set in browser,
the gui only showed up in german once then all was english again after
simple f5 refresh. Odd. Anyway, what I really want to do is to add a
language jar that is not (yet ;-) ) supported by Novell. I read the
and started to look for mentioned archives. I could not find them in any
of reporting module application wars. Can anyone point me directly with
a path to them? The environment was patched up to 4.0.2 D, but I don't
believe those were kicked out with the new versions of war files.

Another thing is to run custom report in a language other than default.
The template is prepared to use specific locale and there is no problem
to run it that way from within the iReport tool. And yes, I even added
this locale with ReportConfig wizard. Other configurations done with it
work, so how do I check this particular one was performed successfully?

What about the fix for fonts used in generated pdfs if the reporting
application is deployed on jboss separately from UserApp? Where to put
the correct configuration described in the link below?
The pdfs generated in reporting module have polish diacritic characters
missing while the User App reports already have this sorted out.

Any hints for the above problems would be welcome. The only other way
now seems to be a service request but I hope someone can answer here

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