I am using REST to get users Password Policies and it works great most

But in one environment I get the following message:
> [{"hintInUse":"false","hint":"Hint was not
> defined.","showSyncStatus":"false","rules":"<tr><t d
> class=\"nv-fontSmall\">Universal password is not properly
> enabled.<\/td><\/tr><tr><td class=\"nv-fontSmall
> nv-fontBold\"><\/td><\/tr>"},{},{"use_grace_login":"false","grace_login_r emaining":"-1"}]

UP is configured correctly and if the users use the default
IDM/jsps/pwdmgt/ForgotPassword.jsp their current password policy shows.

Anyone who has experienced this or have an idea about what could be the

Thanks in advance

- martin

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