This has been a common topic with 1.1 so I thought I'd post it here.
It's been fixed in the beta and will be released with 1.2. This is also
in the documentation.

P) If an assert retries for more than 5 minutes, the server technology
used by Validator will automatically restart the test. This will cause
two threads to execute the same test so you will see it continue to
retry in the original thread, and the new thread will start the test

S) To prevent these retries from occurring, modify the Validator startup
script with the following:"3600"
This parameter instructs the Jersey http server to allow 60 minutes of
retries, which should be sufficient for any Validator test.

Then restart the Validator server.

Use the following example to see where this parameter should be placed.
start jre/bin/java.exe -cp
com.novell.nccd.validator.RESTServer $1

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