For those of you who do not like DOS boxes too much, I've written a little
launcher tool as an alternative to runValidator.bat (sorry, not for Mac and
Linux users...). It will be published on Coolsolutions eventually (which
currently seems a little defunct), so I'll post it here until they got that
sorted out:

Launcher for NetIQ Validator

download url:
license: free
home page url:

NetIQ Validator comes with launch scripts for all supported platforms
(Linux/Mac/Windows) but those are console mode shell scripts and offer not much
comfort. The Launcher for NetIQ Validator is a drop-in replacement for the
standard Windows script "runValidator.bat" that replaces the validator server
console windows with a tray menu icon and (by default) auto-launches the
validator client page. From the tray menu you can

- show/hide the server console
- open the validator client webpage
- customize the tests folder
- disable autostart of the validator client
- choose your preferred browser
- enforce use of your custom license file
- enable debug mode

To install, just copy validator.exe into the same folder where you find
runValidator.bat and run it. If you change any of the preferences from the
default values, they will be saved to a validator.ini file in the same folder.

If you buy a validator license you'll receive a license.dat file that you need
to copy into the config subfolder of your validator install. Since the
validator download comes with an evaluation license file as well this will most
likely overwrite your copy during an update. So simply keep your custom license
somewhere in a safe place outside the install folder and point the Launcher to
it - it will copy the license.dat into the right place on the fly.

This launcher has been developed for and tested with NetIQ Validator v1.1