There are some cool new features in this version. With this release
we're also introducing a new beta UI called "Runner". This will allow
running of all test suites and getting combined reporting without having
write access. It's intended for PM, Architects and QA people to run
tests. So go to localhost:1077/runner when you get it and let us know
what you think.

If you'd like access to it let me know by emailing me at and I'll add you to the Filr download.

Here are some highlights:

Implemented test grouping to allow for easier management of test
Results tab will auto-refresh by default, and will stop refreshing when
test execution has completed.
Implemented new Manual Test action in the Generic Actions connector. It
is similar to Pause but it lets you pass or fail the test.
Import IDM Driver connection information from NetIQ IDM server
Added button to convert the current connection fields to variables
Renamed variable groups to Environment to help clarify their purpose.
Added a Cleanup icon in variable management to remove all unreferenced
UserApp connector - added directory browse buttons to specific fields

Couldnt drag an action into an empty category in the Test Editor
Hide LDAP filter message in LDAP browser if the filter was previously
being used
880623 Implement HTTPS in HTTP connector
880588 HTTP Connector GetPostPutIntoVar is not working
883637 UserApp: Include hover over information for fields.
883638 Enhancement: Change the field names to match required data.
848733 Report will not run on empty test
850703 UserApp connector - support multi-value fields on request form
871425 CP: Unsupported Browser did not popup for IE
781735 Refactor existing LDAP move call
883292 IDM Validator does not correctly assert values not present when
no values left in attribute
735706 Validator needs ability to import connection/path/etc.
information from vault.
783072 The AD DNs can contain a CN with a comma and Validator does not
handle this
874849 Manual Test needs to work with the commandline
885524 UserApp: Browse tree for object fields
874854 CP: Upgrade jquery-ui theme
871666 Add grouping functionality
885538 Remove unused header fields from reporting
872145 CP: change Jasper to do rtf, pdf
874819 CP: Dress up the pass/fail on the manual test. Also include pause
769675 LDAP browser needs to support any number of objects in a
814325 Results tab/log viewer auto-reload defaults
849108 CP: if json test file is newer than Validator engine, then an
error message should be returned
872155 CP: pure manual test
881374 Refactor: Fixed the boolean strings to be true booleans
throughout the project.
685631 Include 'base' driver templates
696846 Add some more details to the view log so it's easier to see.
849105 should tell you which version of the json file is loaded
781513 Be able to type in DN of imported user or use the selected user
to import attrs
813221 Error: The JsonDeserializer LongDeserializer failed to
deserialized json object "" given the type long
760765 Need to be able to update a value from a multi values attribute
784311 Show all text of a Pause Action
817873 Support variable expansion in Retry Count/Interval fields
884094 Initial Validator load prompts for Test Suite File Name with
empty dialog
818013 Get Object FDN and Set Variable doesn't do anything when object
not found
818016 "Get Object FDN and Set Variable" doesn't handle \ in the FDN
850691 command line tests don't execute templates
850693 command line tests don't calculate the current value of variable
811545 Not able to add character '\' used in distinguidedName of AD in
812817 Comma in CN of LDAP DN is Broken
653116 Drag and Drop between pretest, test and post test

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