Hey Guys,

This is a bit of a long shot but here goes..

Last week after a patch run to about 1800 PC's we had about 10 that had the dreaded BootMgr missing error when the machines tried to reboot after patching. I didn't think too much of it, its a tiny number out of the whole group after all.

Last night I patched our head office (a different group of PC's) and 14 out of 700 PC's targeted had the same problem.

All the patches that were being applied have been applied elsewhere, and all of our PC's have the same image on them.

Looking at our patch status only 3 quarters of our estate have applied the latest March patches, which is unusual, because they have all had a couple of attempts at applying these patches (we do a patch run every Wednesday night).

When our desktop team repair the PC's, they boot off a windows CD and the repair process says that their were errors with the windows update and that its rolling back.

I've looked through the event logs on a few affected machines, but it looks like the installs all go ok, it goes down for a reboot and just never comes back up again (until its repaired).

I was just curious if anyone else ways seeing problems with any of the following patches: