I am using CA 1.1.1 with AD and the Salesforce connector. All is
configured and working per the docs. Users are provisioned from AD to SF
and the users are able to logon to SF via CA.

When a new user is created in AD and then provisioned to SF via CA, the
user is created in SF with a UserID of -name-@saml.salesforce.com. This
is not the same as their email address as defined in AD.
Can this be changed so that the SF UserID is the same as their email

Also, when the user tries to logon directly to SF using the UserID
(instead of loggin on via CA) the receive an error stating that "Your
login attempt has failed. The username or password may be incorrect, or
your location or login time may be restricted.". Should the user be able
to logon directly to SF using their SF UserID?


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