Using AGS v5.0.1 we are unable to authenticate to AGS using one of our
IDCs as the identity source. We had this working at one time, but had
to wipe our database, and reinstall.
We know the SSL certs are fine, as the Identity Collection works OK
over SSL. I seem to recall there being a bug/issue with the
configuration of LDAP Authentication, where in the 'Use SSL' field it
specifies Yes or No, but the accepted values are actually True and
False. I've tried all the above, and always receive an 'Invalid Login
Credentials' error. Our LDAP supports only secure connections, so I'm
not able to back down to unsecure to further validate.

We've made a number of changes, so I am hesitant to reimport an old
export of our system metadata, assuming the LDAP authentication is part
of the file.

Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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