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I had a customer ask some great questions this morning and I figured
they may not be alone so I'm going to cover them quickly here for Access
Governance Suite 6.

First, is SLES supported? Of course, though the documentation does not
mention is currently (docs always lag behind product). In my test
environment all of my systems have, so far, been SLES-based and I have
not had any issues with them. Specifically I'm using the built-in MySQL
5 server, the Tomcat 6 application server, and IBM's (not Sun's) JDK
(IBM's comes with SLES, so it was simpler to use it and both Sun 1.6 and
IBM's JDK are supported).

The second question was around disk space requirements which are not
mentioned in the documentation anywhere that I can find. While I do not
know why this is the case, I have a couple guesses. First, the bulk of
the variable data are in the MySQL database which, with a bunch of demo
data imported, has reached (on my system) a whopping 90 MB (!!!!). The
extracted WAR is around 200 MB. Checking the package sizes for the
JRE+JDK, MySQL server, and Tomcat my guess is that I could probably burn
this entire installation, with its test users, to a CD so any kinda-new
system should have plenty of space. Still, it's nice to have guidelines
from the start, maybe including how quickly the system grows for a given
number of identities, applications, etc. so I'm trying to get something
specific added to the documentation going forward.

Good luck.
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