in my AGS solution, I marked my "Department" identity attribute as
In the authoritative source, this attribute is marked as multivalued.

After the execution of the aggregation, the identities that belong to
more than one Department contain the correct (multiple) information in
the value.
However, when I search identities by Department, the above mentioned
identities never show.

Also, it looks like if one of the departments of the application belongs
only to identities who belong to more than one department, these
departments never show in the Advanced Analytics list.

Given the following identities:

username: Jane Miller, Department: Finance (Rome)

username: Bas Stone, Department: Testing

username: John Connor, Department: [Finance (paris),

problem 1:
When I go to the Advanced Analytics search and enter the value "Testing"
on the attribute Department, the result is only:

John Connor should also appear, since Testing is one of its departments,
but that's not the case.

problem 2:
When I go to the Advanced Analytics search and type "Finance" in the
Department search, only the value "Finance (Rome)" appears, thus I can
only search of identities who belong to the Finance (Rome) department
and not to Finance (Paris).

When I run connectorDebug myApp iterate in the ags console, here's how
my multi-valued attribute appears (in this example, for identity John
<entry key="department">
<String>Finance (Paris)</String>

Which seems alright to me.

Should I perhaps have to write a BuildMap Rule that changes this



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