I am aggregating an oracle application through the JDBC connector.
Users who belong to this application have special characters, such as ,
, etc.
When I first aggregate the Authoritative source, all the characters seem
to be well rendered.
Though, as soon as I aggregate other applications or just execute a
-Refresh identity cube- task, the special characters get replaced by
other characters (i.e. "" is usually replaced by "ø").
The Oracle db is 11g and its encoding is WE8MSWIN1252, and my jvm is
UTF-8. I set my jvm to match the oracle db encoding, but the result was
still the same.

Also, if the encoding "works" the first time during the aggregation of
the authoritative source, I don't understand why it messes up when the
identities get refreshed.
Is there some other variable that needs to be set to UTF-8 in order for
the encoding to work?



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