We are trying to check on the Role Remediation process while running a
Role Membership Certification.

Product Version Details:
IDM- v4.0.2
NetIQ AGS- 6.2
Connector- AGS ICAG 6.2

The Role in IDM is not getting removed from user's profile while its
Resource is getting removed.

Configuration Steps:
1. Role membership certification is launched, the certifier revokes the
user's role and signoff the certification.
2. Performance Maintenance task, Identity Cube Refresh and Entitlement
Correlation tasks are ran.
3. The assigned role and its resource is been removed from the user's
profile in AGS. (agsAssignedResource, nrfAssignedResource)
4. The resource from the user's profile in IDM (nrfAssignedResource) is
removed but the role still exists.

*Application Type:* NetIQ Identity Manager

Any help will be appreciated!


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