Hi All,

We have current AGS 5.X setup, which is deployed on Jboss App server and
Oracle 11g as back end for almost 6 years now.
Currently around 150+ application has been integrated (100 more to come)
and collectors are running on-demands basis(Mainly at night).

Some of tables are closed to 14+ GB (i.e. Entitlements and group_members
table ) size now(We can't delete these data for PCI-DSS compliance and
audit purposes).

For almost a year or so we start facing real performance issue in our
AGS environments. As a work around we have perform below activities

1.Enhance RAM to 35 GB and 16 GB respectively on Oracle and Jboss
2. Change some of the AGS queries execution plan on back-end(Since
queries are so dynamic only few queries are performing frequently ).
3. Created few more Index's on tables.

However we are still not able to perform our regular activity(Sometime
page takes 20+ minutes to load).

Can anyone please help me on this. Any insight is welcome.


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