This release of AppManager for Exchange 2007 and 2010 resolves the
following issues:

- Exchange2007 Knowledge Scripts cannot connect to a PowerShellHost
server. This release resolves an issue in which, after upgrading to
version of this module, whenever you ran a script that tried
to connect to the PowerShellHost server, you received the following
error message: Failed to initialize MCPSHostServer PowerShell session.
With this release, the Exchange2007 Knowledge Scripts can properly
connect to the PowerShellHost server.
- Analysis Center cannot generate reports based on data gathered by
the Exchange2007_MBS_DatabaseStateChange Knowledge Script. This
release resolves an issue in which the
Exchange2007_MBS_DatabaseStateChange script generates data that cannot
be correctly interpreted by Analysis Center, resulting in no data for
Analysis Center reports. With this release, this script creates data
that can be processed by Analysis Center.
- Exchange2007 Knowledge Scripts incorrectly raise an error stating
that Exchange is not installed. This release resolves an issue where
Discovery_Exchange2007 and other Exchange2007 scripts incorrectly
raised an Exchange not installed error message when you ran any of
these scripts on a computer running 64-bit Windows. With this release,
you can properly discover Exchange servers and run Exchange2007
scripts on 64-bit Windows computers.

This release is for AppManager version 7.x or later.

For more information about this release, or to download this release,
see the 'AppManager Module Upgrades & Trials'
( Web site.

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