*AppManager for Lotus Domino version*

This release of AppManager for Lotus Domino resolve the following

- Domino_ServerAvailability and Domino_TaskAvailability Knowledge
Scripts incorrectly generate events stating that the Domino server is
down. This release resolves an issue in which the
Domino_ServerAvailability script incorrectly reported a Domino server
as down when the server was still up, because the script could not
locate the required Domino task log files. The Domino_TaskAvailability
script also exhibited the same behavior. With this release, both
scripts can locate the relevant task log files, and the incorrect
server-down events do not occur.

This release is for AppManager version 7.x or later.

For more information about this release, or to download this release,
see the 'AppManager Module Upgrades & Trials'
(https://www.netiq.com/Support/am/extended/modules.asp) Web site.

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