Hello, 1st post here.
We are using App Manager V8 and we like to start utilizing the
“Knowledge base” component. When I create an article in the
administrator console and link it to an element and publish/ review, it
does not show up in the app manager KB tab. Not sure what I’m
doing wrong but my steps are:

- Create an article with type set as “knowledge script”.
- Move the article to the proper article group
- Go to the linked element tab of the article, click on create
application element
- Set Element type to “knowledge script”, set the module
and name value ( ks is *NT_diskSpace*, so I set Module value to *NT*
and name to *DiskSpace*.
- Ok and mark as review

Any help would be appreciated.

Edite: i do have a copy KnowledgeBase_2.0.pdf but it did not help

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