Hello All,

Pretty new to these forums and also with Unix. I have several hundred
Unix system and need to monitor a specific logical drive on all of them.
The problem is that with the canned dynamic file system KS I can only
exclude a file a system type and the file system I need to look
specifically at is the same type as others. we currently monitor all
file system but now have a request to monitor a specific named location
or shall we say logical drive that is the same on all servers for a
different threshold. I am not good with scripting so if anyone can point
me in the correct direction or possible provide a custom KS that would
be very appreciated. we are running AM 8.2 and all of the latest
agents/modules. the name of the file systems we need to look at is
/opt/etbsmagt & /var/audit with a informational at 75% full, warning at
85% and critical at 90%.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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