Hi, i am pretty new to App Manager - have set it up in my lab
environment and understand the basics. But have a few questions on
migrating from a single instance 7.0 environment to an 8.2 environment
with the database on one server and 2 monitoring boxes.

Looking to build new infrastructure with 8.2, then move services across
- some will be migrated and some will be upgraded, these services are
basic, Windows monitoring. Web servers using URL checks. SIM module to
monitor hardware. There are a approx. 300 monitored objects

Default monitors. about 3000 jobs. Some scripts from previous versions.
Mostly policy jobs.

No migration of data is necessary.

Is this a basic migration of the database and export/import of the
scripts? And will each node have to be touched to provide new
certificates to communicate with the monitoring servers?

Can AppManager be configured to allow application owners to put items
into maintenance mode - (need to set up distributed rights. Utilize AD

Is there a good authoritative document for this scenario?

Thanks in advance

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