Below some questions related to AppManager 8 migration
BEFORE : AM7.x with SQL Server 2005 SP4 and windows 2003
AFTER : AM8.2 with SQL Server Standard 2012 and windows 2012

After reading migration and upgrade guide as well as installation guide
I have 8 questions

1. Pre migration status
Current environment (All repositories are SQL Server 2005 with SP4 and
all O.S are Windows 2003)
14 QDBs : 7.0.41076.8
==> I must applied at least HX7011821 (latest HX7012493) on all QDBs
to be able to connect them to AM8.2
if I want to keep them in AM7.x to upgrade them later on an as-needed
basis (of course except Primary QDB)
CCDB : 7.0.41043.0
28 Management Servers (2 per QDB)
netiqms 7.0.41073.6
CQS 7.0.41077.30
6500 agents with 75% windows and 25% unix

It seems that only option in our case is to install a new CCDB and Prim
QDB to avoid an upgrade.
(to confirm that upgrade could be supported which is not really sure)

Just remind that the target is to migrate this environment to AM8.2 with
SQL Server 2012 and windows 2012

*Question 1: Does an upgrade is possible to AM8.2 by keeping windows
2003 and SQL Server 2005 ?*

Should be yes when Chapter 2 of migration guide explains how to move
AM7.x QDBs to be able to migrate to AM 8.x
we can find in page 25 windows server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 as first
supported environment for upgrade.
(SQL Server 2012 not supported in this case)

But I also found in migration guide page 20 "Only AppManager 7 Platform
update and 8.0.x " are supported versions for upgrade
I didn't check what "AM7 Platform update" is but it seems that even if
we have SQL Server 2005 and windows 2003 which are
supported in installation guide for AM82 that I can't upgrade my
environment because I'm not in "AM7 Platform update"

*Question n2 : False or True ?*
*Question n3: Can you please confirm that upgrade is not possible or
at least to avoid it with our complex architecture ?*
2. Step n1 (AM8.2 environment by thinking that this is the only option
with our architecture)
Create a new CCDB and Primary QDB with SQL Server 2012 and 2 MSs
connected to PrimQDB with windows 2012 as operating system

*Question n4 : Do I also need to create a new CQS environment in this
step ?*
*Question n5 : What about CCDB and primary QDB in AM 7.X ? Is there a
migration process to apply on them ?*
Which process must be executed to have CCDB/PrimQDB information in new
environment ?
Does it mean that we need to move all agents, monitoring policy ....
from old environment and create them in new one ?

There are no real information in Upgrade and migration guide to manage
this case. (create a new environment because previous one can't be
*Question n6 : Can you please clarify what must be done in this case

We could think that we must do the following
a) Create CCDB/PrimQDB in AM8.2
b) Apply migration process on CCDB/PrimQDB in AM7.x from SQL Server
2005/windows 2003
to restore after in SQL Server 2012/windows 2012 ?
BUT possible only with AM7 Platform update which is not our case ....

3. Step n2 (connect nonPrim QDBs)
Connect non primary QDBs to AppManager 8.2 (be sure that HX7011821 and
later has been applied)

4. Step n3 (upgrade nonPrim QDBs)

*Question n7 : To update a non primQDB we must apply setup process on
it but it seems that only server[instance], qdbname is provided
No target QDB. (as explained in page 48 of upgrade guide) As it seems
that our AM7 version is not supported
(as this is not an AM7 Platform update and 8.0.X), what can we do in
this case ?
Create again a new QDB with new MSs in SQL Server 2012/windows 2012 and
move agents 7.x to new AM8.2 environment ?*

*Question n8 : Do I need first to move my AM7 QDBs to new SQL 2012
cluster and after apply migration process ?
(answer is NO based of what is written page 25 with only win2003/SQL
2005 and win2008/SQL 2008 supported to manage "migrating version 7.x

And target architecture is SQL Server 2012/windows 2012 to be able to
keep it few years as we work with our environment for a customer for
which we have a contract until 2017.

Many thanks
L.Geng - CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation)
NetIQ AppManager/NetIQ Aegis administrator

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