NetIQ is pleased to announce the release of 'Directory and Resource
Administrator (DRA) and Exchange Administrator (ExA) 8.7 Service Pack 2'
Key features of this release include:

- New Resource Mailbox Support
- New Archive Mailbox Support
- New Microsoft Exchange Dynamic Distribution Groups Support
- New Active Directory Dynamic Group Support
- New Powers and Roles to Manage New DRA Object Types
- Support for Enumeration of All Objects and Any Column
- Home Directory Support for Non-Windows Shares

This release also resolves several issues and includes all the features
and fixes from DRA and ExA 8.7.
For more information about this release, please refer to:

- 'Release Notes' (
- 'Installation Guide' (
- 'Download page' (

To learn more about this version, contact 'NetIQ Technical Support'

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