I'm trying to write some code that uses the LDAP Transactions feature in
eDirectory that is documented here:


I'm using Novell JLDAP for connecting to eDirectory, LDAP Agent for
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP6 (20601.08)

I have trouble getting past the first step which is sending the
CreateGroupingRequest extended operation to eDirectory.

In my code I'm sending 2.16.840.1.113719. as the
"createGroupType". That OID is available in the rootDSE in the
supportedGroupingTypes attribute.

The code that performs the first action:

GroupRequest grp = new GroupRequest();
LDAPExtendedResponse response = lc.extendedOperation(grp);

When I do that eDirectory responds with the following:

22:53:17 8450FB70 LDAP: DoExtended on connection 0x164e0780
22:53:17 8450FB70 LDAP: DoExtended: Extension Request OID:
22:53:17 8450FB70 LDAP: Create Grouping extension: wrong transaction
22:53:17 8450FB70 LDAP: Sending operation result 2:"":"Wrong transaction
type." to connection 0x164e0780

Does anybody know what's the "right" transaction type that's expected?

My GroupRequest class looks like this:

public class GroupRequest extends LDAPExtendedOperation {

private static Logger logger =
ByteArrayOutputStream encodedData = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
LBEREncoder encoder = new LBEREncoder();
ASN1OctetString createGroupType = new
ASN1Sequence sequence = new ASN1Sequence(1);

public GroupRequest() throws LDAPException {
super("2.16.840.1.113719.", null);

try {
sequence.encode(encoder, encodedData);
} catch (IOException e) {
logger.error(Main.EXCEPTION_OCCURED, e);