I have a new RHEL6 server that I installed eDir 8.8 SP7 on today. When I
used 'ndsconfig add' command to add this new server into an existing tree,
the process hung on the schema synchronization for an hour and a half. I
wound up killing the command with a CTRL+C. This stopped the command. I
checked the tree using C1 and I see that only two objects were created for
this server: the server object itself and the serverName PS object. No LDAP
server or LDAP group or KMO objects or anything else. This tells me it
didn't accomplish the full add. I even checked from one of the other
servers that pre-existed in the tree using ndsrepair -T command and there is
a communication error for this new server. When I tried the ndsrepair -T
command on this new server it stated "No eDirectory server instances
configured on this server."

I would like to successfully add this server to my tree, but I'm not sure
how to go about it now. Do I have to first remove the two objects it
created in the tree using C1? Should I try to use ndsconfig rm run from the
console of this new server? I have a feeling ndsconfig rm probably won't
work since it doesn't think there is a server instance configured. If using
C1 and deleting the two objects is the best option, is there anything I need
to check on this new server before attempting to re-add the new server to
the tree? Should I uninstall eDirectory on the new server and then
re-install it before trying to re-add it to the tree? I verified there are
no replicas on this new server.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix this partial add into the tree.
Any help is greatly appreciated.