On Tue, 26 Jun 2012 15:56:01 +0000, dlietz wrote:

> I have a partition (call it partition A) where I deleted the replica
> from two servers. Those servers have root partitions so they ended up
> getting subordinate references to partition A. Unfortunately it appears
> that there were some uncleared obituaries on those two servers and now
> those obits are stuck on all the servers in the replica ring.

Seeing the flags / types on the obits would maybe be helpful in figuring
out what to do about them. Run the external reference check in ndsrepair.

> I ran ndsrepair -R -Ad -XK3 on the two servers that had partition A and
> they are clean, but the other 6 servers are still showing those obits
> and the backlinks are pointing to the objects on the two servers that no
> longer have them.

What replica type are these other six servers?

> Is there a good way to clean this up? I tried running ndsrepair using
> XK3 on the other 6 servers, but the stuck obits are still there.

If these servers have writable replicas, moving the Master there may help.

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