There are few users CNs having some special character in it. When I
update using iManager import, iManager thrown this cn doesnot exist as
it could not read the special character. [Ex: .(dot) above char a]

I just want to know, how can I convert the CN to base 64 format. Also,
How can I user iManager to export the CNs in base64 format with the help
of ICE wizard.

From normal format --> dn: cn=acaares,ou=Users,o=XXXX [I
could export in this format with ICE Wizard]
To this format ---> dn:: Y249YWNhw7FhcxY23sdfoisjdfXXXX==
[is there any way to export in this format using ICE wizard]

eDirectory 8.8.6
iManager 2.7.5

Thanks in advance. Dina.

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