I am in a situation !

I had a testing environement with two eDirectory servers (replica ring)
installed on different boxes ( Server1 8.8.3 master and Server2 8.8.7
r/w replica, both in RHEL)

The testing environement was working perfectly, no sync errors and no

Until the day I had to add a server to the production tree. I have been
given a redhat box, I did the healthcheck and all the requirements every
thing is ok, until the time I launched the eDir install, I was told by
the system that there is already an instance of eDir on the new box,
immediately I lanched 'ndsconfig rm' to get rid of eDirectory on the new
box. Adding the new server to the production tree has succeded

But it was too late when they told me that the new box is actually a
copy ( clone ) of Server 2 on testing environement.

So the disaster is that Server 2 on testing environement has been
removed form Server 1 configuration ( because of 'ndsconfig rm' on the
copy of Server 2)

The issue is complicated to describe

The summary is that "ndsrepair -E" on Server 1 ( testing environement )
does not see Server 2, but Server 2 can see Server 1

Errors are still in place

Thanks for reply

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