Good morning and Happy Holidays,

My customer is experiencing an issue with one of their Cluster node
servers. They did a power shut down over the past weekend, and all
servers came back up but one. They went through the ndsd.log file and
found an error -617 (I apologize for not having the actual code error
message) which led them to address what appears to be missing
certificates for that particular server (A2C2S03) The local agent could
not be opened - failed, database format (-617) (that is being seen in
the log when trying to start ndsd (rcndsd start)

The error that we are seeing when trying to recreate the server
certificates is as follows,

there was an error while trying to create the server certificate. You
need to delete the Server Certificate, if it exists and start the
creation process again. The error code is: NDS Error -626

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