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My customer recently had a server, part of a four node cluster (BCC
enabled), which experienced a failed hard drive, when the new hard drive
was put in place, and rebuilding an error occurred which corrupted the
"/" partition on that cluster node. We worked with Novell Back Line, but
were unable to bring the node back into a working state, so we have
decided to remove the server from eDirectory and rebuild the Node from
scratch. We are currently trying to make sure that we ensure (as much as
we are able to do so) that we have done all the prep work needed to make
sure that the old server, objects, certs, etc,. are cleared out of the
tree before putting the server back into commission.

We have examined the following TID :
Planning on performing an ndsrepair with the following switches, -P -Ad

Clean up all the referring objects to that server and then restore the
server into the eDirectory tree.

With the above steps detailed, is there anything else that we would need
to be doing, with the current Node completely dead, would there be any
need to perform an ndsrepair with either the -xk2 or -xk3 settings?

Any additional details needed or requested I would be happy to provide.

Thank you,

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