A small update on eDir 887 and OES patches.

*** Edir 887 ***
Please be aware that Novell plans to release eDir 887 to the OES patch

eDir 887 today is currently only available as stand-alone download for
stand-alone SLES. However, with eDir 886 going out of support shortly,
IDM 4.0.2 requirements, and other deciding factors, it is critical to
keep OES updated as a competitive platform and this mandated that eDir on
OES also needs to be updated to eDir 887.

Delivering such a major eDirectory upgrade through the patch channels is
what Novell considers a *big* and possibly impactive change to our
customers, and we feel you should not be taken by surprise by this the
next time you apply your OES patches. So this update is to raise
awareness and inform you of this change.

In addition to the above, once eDir 887 has been made available through
the OES patch catalogs, we will also proceed removing the eDir 886
patches from the same patch catalogs. This is to make sure there will not
be any faulty dependency problems or problems with patch delivery
mechanisms such as ZENworks in this area. (Do not worry, the eDir 886
patches will continue to be available for download on download.novel.com).

Currently, there is a TID [*1] in place, to help you anticipate on what
precautions may need to be taken in your environment before applying the
eDir 887 patch. Therefor, please familiarize yourself with that content.

*** March 2013 Scheduled Maintenance update ***
Unfortunately, the March 2013 Scheduled Maintenance update for OES has a
number of built system dependencies on the eDir 887 patch, and as we
wanted to give this some careful thoughts and appropriate testing time,
this means for you that we had to postpone the release of the March 2013
Scheduled Maintenance patches.

As a direct result, this will now subsequently be renamed to April 2013
Scheduled Maintenance update, and the public release for the April 2013
Scheduled Maintenance update is targeted at end of April [*2]

The OES Product Management team is also still working on some public
communication in the appropriate places around these changes.

Best regards

[*1] http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7011599
[*2] This is an ETA, not a guarantee.