So i've got an existing eDir 8.8.6 server running Win2k8 R2 x64. I would
like to setup eDir SNMP on this server, but the Windows SNMP master
agent was *not* installed at the time eDir was. I've since installed it,
and the ndssnmp sub agent is also configured and running, but the sub
agent doesn't seem to be handing off any specific Novell values when I
attempt the smnpwalk. even though both master and sub agents are
running, they don't seem to be communicating with each other. I read
there is a special command that needs to be run with the snmpinst.dll to
register settings in the windows registry when SNMP wasn't available at
install time. this dll is supposed to be located in the nici install
directory at \program files\common files\novell\nici\ni\bin.... but this
path doesn't exist on my 8.8.6 server let alone the DLL. Its worth
mentioning i do get windows specific stuff from the master agent when
snmpwalking, but nothing novell from the subagent.

can anyone shed some light on how to register the sub agent with the
master agent post installation on eDir 8.8.6 Windows?


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