I need to upgrade my IDM eDirectory, upgrading the servers to Windows
2008 R2 64 bit and upgrading eDir to 64 bit. I have three servers with

My plan is to remove the replica on the first server, remove all
references to it in the tree and wait awhile to make sure everything is
cleared. I will then kill the old Windows 2003 server and build a new
2008 R2 64 bit with the same name and IP address. Then I will install 64
bit eDirectory on that server and rinse and repeat with the other two.

I have moved my master replica and Certificate Authority to a different
server and have an error-free dsrepair using -a.

Is there anything else I'm missing before I delete the replica? Is this
a valid plan to upgrade everything? I have a limit on names and IPs to
fit in our naming/addressing scheme, though I can probably get new
names/IPs if I absolutely have to.

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