Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the DSTRACE screen up on
Windows (Server 2008 R2)? I work with IDM and no dstrace leaves me

I can access iMonitor, but would really like to be able to access the
live trace and see activity as and when it happens, but when I open
NDSconsole and start dstrace I get the "Interactive Services Detection"
popup that will let me see the trace screen in a separate desktop but
will not let me see it on the same desktop as the one I am using to
work. I have found Microsoft TIDS that will help me suppress the
message but I really want to actually see the screen redirected to my
current session. I found an old archived thread about this
( which
helpfully references bug 478671 and suggests it will be fixed in eDir
8.8.6, but I cannot find any other details about that bug (and cannot
see an option in bugzilla to enter a specific bug number) and my eDir
version is much newer (20701.48).

I am sure I have either failed dismally to search the right term or have
missed some obvious step somewhere, but for the sake of my sanity any
pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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