were running edirectory 8.8.6 and idm 3.6.1 ( on _windows_2003_32bit_)
and i plan to migrate the tree into another windows-domain
(_windows_2008_r2_64bit_) by installing servers there and adding them to
the existing tree. afterwards id like to move services like ldap
authentication and idm-drivers to the new servers. finally pulling the
old servers off the tree.

i have no detailed plan on how to do this yet (slp & ncp ports open,
some other ports f. imonitor, ...) but my initial question is if i need
to upgrade my test & productive infrastructure to 8.8.7 <current
fixpack> beforehand, or if itd be fine to install the new servers with
the most recent edir-version and the newest, coolest idm, and leaving
the old servers alone.

will they be able to coexist (assumed: all necessary ports between the
two domains are open), albeit the differences in OS-version &
32bit/64bit & edir/idm differences?

thanks in advance, florian

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