Hi There!

I installed a new Edirectory Tree onto a Brand new fully patched 2008 r2
server as a test bed. The installation went without issue, but once the
product was installed, I could login via the NWC, but not through iManager
or though products like the GW8 Installation which require Edir Auth to
create the objects.

To resolve the problem I uninstalled the NICI installed by the Edir install,
and installed the NICI from the NWC, which then allowed me to login via
iManager/GW Install, but NOT through the NWC! Very strange and the opposite
of the effect I would have expected.

Anyone else had a similar problem.

The error was showing up as -632 Attribute not found from memory. Reverting
to an earlier snapshot of the bare machine prior to the install of edir, and
installing 8.8.7 worked fine.