i have slp configured in my windows based infrastructure and want to use
dns instead like described in:

i have the following scenario:

treename: MY_TREE
servername: edir_server01,edir_server02,edir_server03
servers are located (from an ldap-viewpoint) below
ou=servers,o=mycompany (eg: cn=server01,ou=servers,o=mycompany)

the windows-name of the servers are win_server01, win_server02,
the windows domain its integrated in is: MY_DOMAIN

what i did:
- deactive slpd-service on each of the servers
- set SRV-records in MY_DOMAIN edir_server01.servers.mycompany.MY_TREE.MY_DOMAIN SRV 10 0
524 edir_server02.servers.mycompany.MY_TREE.MY_DOMAIN SRV 10 0
524 edir_server03.MY_TREE.MY_DOMAIN SRV 10 0 524

it looks as if anything is working alright, but i dont really
understand how that is working "under the hood". are all three of the
entries correct, or is the reason for the correct functioning other than
those entries?

which ones of the above entries are correct in regard to my situation,
if all are, which one is better (faster/more efficient)?

thanks in advance, florian

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