i did read somewhere, that if an attribute is negated in the
ldap-searchfilter it renders the index, if another attribute in the same
search is indexed, useless.

made some tests with searches on my 25.000 user-objects (maybe to little
to make a difference?) and could not distinguish many differences
timewise (ok, this is a life system and other things happening there all
the time as well ...).

i have an index on lets say UID and want to search like
(&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(uid=chabakuk@orga.nl )(!(logindisabled=true))).
in my environment this is maybe a bit, but not significantly faster than
(&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(uid=chabakuk@orga.nl )). before i dive into
more thorough probing to be sure if there is a benefit in omitting
(!(logindisabled=true)), does anyone know something about this topic?

thanks in advance, florian

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