for migration purposes i installed a few more servers into an existing
tree. since then i have seen replication happen (as it should), but much
slower than it used to be.

e.g. just now i edited the acl of an OU on one server via ldap, for the
additional acl-entries to be appear on another server it took 6-7
minutes. the OU is a partition and has 12 replicas.

imonitor shows for that partition:

Last Successful Sync.
Maximum Ring Delta
Replica's Perishable Data Delta

those new servers are in another windows domain, connected to the old
servers through a firewall. no slp, only ncp. imonitor shows not errors
as such.

is this behaviour normal due to the size of the tree or might there
linger a potential problem communications-wise?

thanks for input, florian.

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