I have an environment where all my servers are on edir. We have a pilot
going where we are trying out VMware Virtual Desktops. I have
duplicated the users in both AD and edir.

Logging in without the Novell client it takes about 20-25 seconds. When
I install the Novell client it takes about 65 seconds. When the user
logs into the VM AD server the login credentials are passed on to the
Novell client. It just seems to take too long. Below is the setting I
am using in the Novell client properties. I also have contextless login
working (which I would have to for seamless login)

Allow Roaming User Profile Paths = ON
Computer Only Logon = ON
Computer Only Logon After failed = Never
Computer Only Logon Default = Always
Enable Single Sign On = Off
Last Logged On User = Off
Login Windows password sync = Off
Login with non-Novell Cred = On
NMAS Authentication = On
Novell Logon = OFF
Prompt for Novell Login During windows auto logon = ON
USE NMAS for Windows Logon Default = Automatic
Windows Password Sync = ON

Are there any settings I need to add or change to make the logins

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